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Cyantype Workshop - Mid- Autumn Rabbit Lantern

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[ 🔵藍曬工作坊 - 兔仔燈籠 ]  ✨一年容易又中秋🥮🏮 就到中秋佳節,不妨一家大細一齊親手製作燈籠慶祝節日啦~  藍曬工作坊適合不同年齡層,大人細路 情侶都岩玩,享受愉快假期。導師全程指導,輕鬆制作屬於自己的藍曬作品。   藍曬工作坊有明信片/T-shirt /袋不同選擇,提供平台創作個人藍曬作品,上堂時間自己選擇,期待你地的參與。(可提供相片給我們 / 課程費用已包括所有材料


[ 🔵Cyantype Workshop - Mid- Autumn Rabbit Lantern] ✨A year is easy and Mid-Autumn Festival is coming 🥮🏮 It's the Mid-Autumn Festival, you may as well make lanterns for the whole family to celebrate the festival~ Blue Sun Workshop is suitable for different age groups, adults and couples alike Rock play and enjoy a pleasant holiday. The instructor guides you throughout the process, making it easy to make your own blue-colored works. The cyanotype workshop has different options for postcards/T-shirts/bags. It provides a platform to create personal cyanotype works. You can choose your own time in court. We look forward to your participation. (Photos can be provided to us / course fee includes all materials)