Yeung Chin. 楊展

A old student and member of alternatif fashion studio.
2006-2008. He worked in Li Ning as a high-end fashion designer. be in charge of fashion sports wear and the sports wear of china national team in  "2008" beijing olympics.
2009. he obtained his MA Fashion Design from the University of Westminster
In the same year, he won the YDC Special mention award by Hong Kong Design Centre and exhibited his work during Cheer’s Exhibition held at London O X O Tower London.
2020. He designed the stage costume by CCDC.
2013. Held personal exhibitions at Asia Society Gallery and Hong Kong Heritage. After being the Chief Fashion Designer in G2000, beside he was join New York Paris ,
2015-17.  Brand Statement Yeung chin brand was invited to Shanghi Fashion Week from as well as the Singapore Design centre exhibition in 2015.
And Joined the Fashion Friday Runway show at the same year.
2017 Parco ans Isetan invited his collection to do a Popup show in their store 
Recently he is a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute of VTC,
and has established his own fashion brand in PMQ, named after his own name,
"Yeung Chin. 楊展" 

Yeung chin brand philosophy has always been challenging the accepted aesthetic.

"To build up new aesthetic, old aesthetic must first be broke. The most direct method is by trial and error. I use different concepts of art to impact the old aesthetic standard in the fashion industry. In these impacts I found new ways to perform fashion, for example, c hanging and limiting dance moves by clothes. This is to challenge the accepted aesthetic dancing, and at the same time, challenge the accepted aesthetic on the catwalk bridge. Another example would be using “Fat is Fashion” as a topic, by designing an installation art in a gallery, I challenged the traditional aesthetic by making visitors wear an inflatable cloths. In the future I will continue to explore different means to present my view of fashion. Film and sculpture would be my future directions." By Yeung Chin