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羊毛氈圍巾 / Wool felt Scarf "Workshop"

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Wool Felt Scarf


**二人同行羊毛氈圍巾工作坊優惠,每人HK$1480 (workshop 限定優惠)(Discount code: WFworkshop)

**Group of two people booking the Wool felt Scarf will enjoy a discount, which each person will then cost $1480 (Discount code: WFworkshop)

- 環保編織衣料
- 環境零損耗
- 面料零浪費

Homemade wool felt course. When it comes to felt technology, it is an environmentally friendly and natural garment technology.
Advantages included:
- Eco-friendly sewing skill
- Zero environmental loss
- Zero fabric waste
Have you ever thought of using felt technology to design your own unique scarf or clothes? In this course, students can not only learn the process of making wool felt but also freely choose different colors of wool to design a natural and unique scarf.

Fabric: 100% Fur

Size: free size


製作所需時間: 3 小時內

Duration: within 3 hours

課堂時間: 可自選並聯絡我們預約 (請於課堂當日不少於三天前預約)

Workshop Time: Book by appointment through contacting us (please book 3 days prior to the actual workshop date)




Please contact us directly and leave your contact information

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Whatsapp: 67655294

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We will send you a confirmation email/message as soon upon receiving your reservation. Please also check your junk mailbox if you do not receive it or contact us again.